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Web accessibility and title attribute of WordPress blog

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Accessibility is for everyone, even WordPress users. It is also known as semantic personal publishing platform. But, the use of title attribute is redundant.

Title attribute in a link tag should be descriptive enough to help normal and difable–differently-abled–people. The title attribute is a place to put additional information. Because it only works on mouse hover. Mouse dependant. Not fully accessible.

If we have already a descriptive enough anchor text, do we need title attribute? Then put the same information as in anchor text? Duplicated information is useless.

Too bad, WordPress by default, still have many duplicated title attribute, automatically placed. There are some solutions. Try to remove some title attributes using plugin, edit manually, put it into theme’s function, or drop-off that feature and let users choose the opt-in. :)

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dari sisi aksesibilitas Web, atribut title itu hanyalah tambahan informasi. Pengguna touch screen kan tidak bisa menikmati informasinya. Pun tidak semua screen reader mengaktifkan fitur pembacaan atribut title by default. Disarankan untuk tidak menempatkan informasi penting di atribut tersebut.

Pak Aldy,
sementara ya gitu itu. Kalau ada yang menemukan fungsi praktis untuk itu kayaknya enak. Tapi atribut title itu banyak terpakai di wp_list, wp_archive, dll. cmiiw

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