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Nibbler Silktide Score Tips

Diperbarui 19 November 2012 oleh Dani Iswara

Nibbler Test is a kind of replacement of Sitescore in the past. In Bahasa Indonesia, I have already wrote about this Nibbler Score. Their result pages are crawable and indexable by search engines.

I have some notes related to their algorithms:

Links problem

They have these recommendation:

  • Links should not repeat the same text to link to different pages. Usually this is a problem where a link is non-descriptive (e.g. ‘More’).
  • Links should describe what they link to for the benefit of both screenreader software and search engine spiders. It is possible that you have applied a link to an image and are relying on the user having a visual browser.
  • Note that it is possible to change the text a link points to without changing the appearance of the link. For example, ‘Read more’ could be a valid link, if you add a description into the ‘title’ attribute to the tag.

Those are about Web accessibility.
In WordPress blog, the problem will be caused by some pages:

  1. Index page or homepage

    Which contains more than 1 post with repetitive and undescriptive ‘read more’ style. Comment count and social media button also. The same ‘Read More’ , ‘No Response’, ‘5 Comments’, and ‘Social Media’ link texts may refer to different pages.

  2. Archive page

    It is the same case as above. Try to click the Older or Newer links. Based on homepage format, the same problem has occured. Repetitive similar link texts points to a different places. You may edit archive.php file if needed.

  3. Comment author permalink

    The comment time is used as link texts in comment permalinks. Usually, it contains hours and minutes only. No seconds time information. See the trick on this blog detail.

  4. Comment Reply button

    This is a classic problem. Debatable. The button is usable, but not fully accessible. WCAG 2.0 via ATRC Accessibility Checker, has no objection on this problem for the Level AA.

Using title attributes? The fact, they are not fully accessible either.

Nibbler is a fun tool. And this is an unimportant note only. Sometimes, usable does not always mean accessible.

4 tanggapan untuk “Nibbler Silktide Score Tips”

Bli Dani,
Saya mendapatkan hal yang cukup aneh dengan si Nibbler, saya melakukan uji coba kecil, terhadap personfield.web.id dan daniiswara.net.
test pertama personfield dinyatakan tidak valid W3C, daniiswara.net valid.
test kedua personfield dinyatakan valid W3C dan daniiswara.net ada yang tidak valid.
Saya malah jadi mumet, walaupun tidak terlalu penting tapi hasil ini terasa cukup mengganggu. Apa setiap test harus dibersihkan dulu chace-nya ?

Pak Aldy,
kalau pun ada cache, mungkin sistem cache di server blog yang mempengaruhi. Di sistem Nibbler, saya rasa selama ini selalu memakai hasil tes dengan kondisi terkini. Kecuali jika setelan di server Nibbler mengalami perubahan. Dan lagi, 5 halaman yang dites oleh Nibbler selalu acak. Entah jika ada perubahan algoritma.

Tambahan, halaman di blog saya juga tidak semuanya valid. Terutama yang memakai eksperimen SVG.

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