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One Web: How many devices do you serve?

Diperbarui 30 Agustus 2010 oleh Dani Iswara

Who is your targeted users? Do you think disabled people do not have a rights accessing Web? Is it possible to build one Web or universal design for all?

How many Web browsers do you want to be served? Which Internet connection is your client with? In more detail, while accessing the Web, there are people which:

  • using high-tech gadget.
  • have no ability to use mouse since amputation of his both hands.
  • in aging and have low vision to see small fonts and some colors.
  • only have ears to hear the content.
  • pleasure is browse the text with descriptive picture on the Web.

Do we must serve all of them? Or just reject some of them? Nobody love being a rejected person.

The short answer: it is human rights.

One Web and device independence

The one Web concept by World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), as mentioned in Mobile Web Best Practice, means

making, as far as is reasonable, the same information and services available to users irrespective of the device they are using.

…it does not mean that exactly the same information is available in exactly the same representation across all devices.

It is clear that one Web does not mean one column or a dull pages. Each screen has a special characteristics, some Web applications has a specific requirements, and users have different abilities. If you have a time, you may build as many as multiversion for any targeted devices. As long as it is functional in contexts. One Web might not your single choice (mobiforge.com).

Except caused by device limitations, the Web documents should works and accessible across all devices. Do we need a separate version for people with disabilities? We are equal.

In my perception, One Web and device independence concept only telling us to build the Web using:

  • well-coded markups based on Web standards, semantic, accessibility, usability.
  • respects-all mindset.
  • proven best practices.

The rest, we may do almost nothing. Let browser technology convert the media queries. Give users a freedom to choose their preferences.

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