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Text-to-speech convertion by Odiogo

Diperbarui 30 Agustus 2010 oleh Dani Iswara

Web or Blog textual content may converted to audio using text-to-speech technology. One of them is called Odiogo. Based on Odiogo – FAQ, their tool grab the blog feed, converted to the audio file. It is well-known as podcasts. They claimed a new term also called podiocasts—high-fidelity, automatically-produced voice podcasts. It will helps accessibility. The post titled Semantic XHTML Format Reference (Dani Iswara .com) will be a test page. Find Odiogo short review in Indonesian by Cahya Legawa, Buat Blog Anda tak Hanya Bicara dengan Odiogo.

WordPress plugin is also available. Let’s try for free.

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