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Web site accessibility misunderstandings


This unessential misunderstandings are inspired by Jared Smith writing on webaim.org blog titled The ADA and the Web: Concerns and Misconceptions. Information and Technical Assistance on Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is available under U.S. Department of Justice.

In some Indonesian weblogs, I found the same objections and statements often.

Questions and statements explained by Jared Smith on his post:

  • Why do I have to make my personal web site compliant?
  • People with disabilities do not use my site.
  • My content can’t be made accessible.
  • The web will go back to looking like 1990.
  • Why all the effort for so few people?
  • There is no economic benefit to being accessible.
  • Accessibility regulations will force me to close my small, online business.
  • I can’t just make my website accessible over night.
  • I shouldn’t have to hire a lawyer to make sure I’m compliant with thousands of pages of State and Federal regulations when I publish a web page?

Read the Slashdot story mentioned on Jared post also.

In general, I have answered some problems with these posts:

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