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Digital Photography on Arch Linux

Last updated on 8 Januari 2013 by Dani Iswara

Continuing my previous posts about digital pocket camera for medical purposes and a short of medical photography on Dani Iswara .Net blog, this post will concern photography use in Linux, especially Arch Linux. For the hobby and amateur purposes, using Linux on photography is more than enough. At least we can find some free and open source softwares for digital photo management.

Find photo related softwares on terminal using these keywords:

yaourt -Ss photo
yaourt -Ss upload
yaourt -Ss image
yaourt -Ss camera
yaourt -Ss raw

I have these installed within my GNOME desktop:

extra/cheese 2.32.0-1 (gnome-extra)
Use your webcam to take photos and videos, apply fancy special effects and share the fun with others.
extra/gphoto2 2.4.10-1
A digital camera download and access program.
extra/testdisk 6.11.3-3
Checks and undeletes partitions + PhotoRec, signature based recovery tool.
extra/gimp-ufraw 0.16-4
Standalone or gimp plugin converter for raw files.
extra/gimp 2.6.11-1
GNU Image Manipulation Program.
extra/gthumb 2.12.1-1
Image browser and viewer for the GNOME Desktop.
community/raw-thumbnailer 0.2-2
A lightweight and fast raw image thumbnailer that can be used by file managers.
community/libraw 0.10.0-1
A library for reading RAW files obtained from digital photo cameras (CRW/CR2, NEF, RAF, DNG, and others).
community/rawtherapee 3.0a1_742-1
RAW photo editor.
community/shotwell 0.8.0-1
A digital photo organizer designed for the GNOME desktop environment.
aur/bracket 1.0.0-1
High-dynamic-range (HDR) photo manager.
aur/gimp-photoshop-brush 1.0-1
A Gimp plugin for loading photoshop brushes.
aur/gimp-photoshop-pattern 1.0-1
A Gimp plugin for loading photoshop patterns.
aur/gimp-plugin-exif-browser 0.1.0-2
This is an Exif Viewer, mainly for jpeg photos taken with a digital camera. It is an update of the ‘Exif Browser’ plugin from the old registry. It requires a recent version of libexif (tested with 0.6.16).
aur/gphotofs 0.4.0-1
FUSE filesystem module to mount your camera as a filesystem on Linux.
aur/gtkam 0.1.17-1
A graphical GTK front-end to gPhoto2.
aur/nautilus-rename-exif-date 0.1.1-1
Adds an entry to Nautilus’ contextual menu to rename photos to their EXIF date.
aur/postr 0.12.4-2
Flickr uploader.

Some of them are not stable enough or still in early development version. At least several simple photo management such as:

  • Gtkam (digital camera browser),
  • Gthumb or Shotwell (photo/image organizer/viewer),
  • GIMP (photo/image editor),
  • Postr (Flickr uploader),

are enough for me now.

Read also Digital Cameras on ArchWiki.

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Beberapa atau semuanya masih dalam pengembangan bli?
Ada yang masih kurang bagus alias kurang stabil. Tapi setidaknya masih bisa untuk memanage.
Entahlah untuk standalone extra/gimp-ufraw 0.16-4 untuk untuk file mentah.

He he he kalimat di atas sudah saya edit. Tiap aplikasi umumnya masih akan terus dikembangkan. Jadi, maksud saya, beberapa aplikasi di atas ada yang masih versi 0.x (‘early development version’) bahkan ‘alpha’.

Untuk pengelolaan foto RAW (berkas mentah) di GIMP sejauh ini cukuplah buat saya. Belum ada masalah.

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