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Twitter client in Arch Linux

Diperbarui 30 Agustus 2010 oleh Dani Iswara

Some Twitter-related clients are available in Community and Arch User Repository (AUR). I need to choose a lightweight, GTK-based (GNOME), and stable one.

Open a terminal, type:

yaourt -Ss twitter

Selected results, GUI-based clients:

community/choqok 0.9.55-1
A Twitter/identi.ca/laconica client for KDE.
community/microblog-purple 0.3.0-1
Libpurple plug-in supporting microblog services like Twitter.
aur/destroytwitter 2.1.0-1 (45)
DestroyTwitter is kinda like TweetDeck but more lightweight…
aur/frogmicroblog 0.1.4-3 (12)
twitter identi.ca client.
aur/gtktwitter-git 20090505-1 (18)
A lightweight Twitter client for Linux written in GTK.
aur/gtwitter 1.0-3 (47)
A Linux client for reading and posting to twitter.com web service.
aur/pidgin-twitter 0.9.1-1 (142)
Pidgin plugin for Twitter support.
aur/pino 0.2.11-1 (214)
Fast, easy and free Twitter client.
aur/posty 1.8.2-1 (4)
Adobe AIR twitter/ident.ca client.
aur/qtwitter 0.10.0-1 (27)
A simple Qt application for interacting with the Twitter social network.
aur/qwit 0.10-1 (91)
Qt4 cross-platform client for Twitter.
aur/seesmic-desktop 0.7-1 (46)
Get live updates from your friends on Twitter and Facebook.
aur/snitter 0.028-1 (10)
Twitter application using adobe-air.
aur/tweetdeck 0_34.3-1 (157)
TweetDeck is an Adobe Air desktop application for twitter that looks to capture the abundance of social media and display it in a unique columned user interface.
aur/tweetr 3v4-1 (4)
Tweetr is a lightweight Twitter client with direct webcam access.
aur/twhirl 0.9.4-1 (64)
twhirl is a social software desktop client, based on the Adobe AIR platform. Connects to multiple Twitter, laconi.ca, identi.ca, Friendfeed and Seesmic accounts.
aur/twibble 0.5.1-1 (4)
Twitter client using Adobe AIR.
aur/twitux 0.69-5 (160)
A Twitter client for the Gnome desktop.
aur/yasst 20100427-5 (4)
A lightweight multiplatform twitter thingymbob, created with Qt framework.

I have four candidates which is voted often, in ordered:

  1. pino 0.2.11-1 (214 votes),
  2. twitux 0.69-5 (160),
  3. tweetdeck 0_34.3-1 (157),
  4. pidgin-twitter 0.9.1-1 (142).

So, I decided to install pino, twitux, and tweetdeck:

yaourt -S pino twitux tweetdeck

Pino which is based on Twitter’s API is the most lightweight, I think. Tweetdeck is more rich in features.

Try the 'microblog' keyword also:

yaourt -Ss microblog
extra/kdeplasma-addons-applets-microblog 4.4.5-1 (kde kdeplasma-addons)
Update and view your microblog status.
aur/gwibber2.0 484-1 (67)
an open source microblogging client for GNOME.

Gwibber2.0 looks promising.

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