Opera-related in ArchLinux

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By looking in terminal using yaourt -Ss opera, I found Opera Web Browser and its related softwares. All are available in Arch User Repository (AUR).

aur/opera 10.60-3 (1357)
A fast and secure web browser and Internet suite.
aur/opera-adblock 2010.07.04-1 (71)
Fanboy’s AdBlock Filterset for Opera.
aur/opera-adblock-complete 2010.07.04-1 (151)
Fanboy’s AdBlock Filterset for Opera including Stat/Tracking Filters.
aur/opera-beta 10.60b1-1 (Out of Date) (70)
A fast and secure web browser and Internet suite. Beta release version.
aur/opera-devel 10.70_6396-1 (339)
A fast and secure web browser and Internet suite. Development/Snapshot version.
aur/opera-i18n 10.60-1 (34)
Language packs for Opera.
aur/opera-mini 5.0.18635-1 (Out of Date) (27)
Opera-mini (Mobile Edition).
aur/opera-mobile 10-1 (4)
Opera Mobile 10 and the Opera Widgets Mobile Emulator on your desktop.

I tried to install some of them

yaourt -S opera opera-adblock-complete opera-devel opera-mini opera-mobile

I think Opera-development-version will override the stable version, based on my previous experiences. I know there is a command line in Linux to create new profile for each Opera version.

Then, add Web Accessibility Toolbar created by Steve Faulkner at paciellogroup.com.
Needs SEO features? You should check SEOBar for Opera, userjs script by puzzleclub.ru.
But hey, I’m not Opera evangelist.

Dani Iswara, [myfirstnamelastname]@gmail.com.

3 comments to "Opera-related in ArchLinux"

  1. dani

    Testing the new Opera 10.70 development version.

  2. jenggo

    Opera Mini? And yet Opera Mobile emulator? Really hate you Archie! :D
    How it run? With Java? Opera Mini i mean.

  3. dani

    this is the screenshot-Opera Mini & mobile, 99KB, 800x469px, in my public Picasa. Ya it’s running smoothly on Java (openjdk6-6.b18_0.hg_20100715-1).

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