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MathML will be supported in WebKit

Diperbarui 23 Juli 2010 oleh Dani Iswara

In my old post Web Browsers can’t Read XSL, I found WebKit engine is not ready for Mathematical Markup Language (MathML by W3C). Tested on Chromium, Google Chrome, Epiphany (based on GNOME GTK+ and WebKit), Midori (based on GTK+ and WebKit), and Arora (based on Qt and WebKit) web browsers. You may check it on Safari, Konqueror (in Linux), and Rekonq (based on WebKit in KDE) also. Currently, MathML is not the first-class citizen in WebKit development, comparing to HTML5.

But finally, MathML will be available on Webkit-based browsers.

Welcome to the project page for MathML. MathML is a specification from the W3C for the inclusion of mathematical expressions in Web documents. At this time, work is underway to implement MathML in WebKit. Like SVG, we would like MathML to be a first-class citizen in WebKit, using our DOM, CSS and JavaScript engines.

Just as with SVG, we would like to work on making improvements to our DOM and reconciling with the KDOM work that has been done for KSVG2 so that SVG and MathML can share some of the same compound document infrastructure (and also to ensure that a MathML implementation can be shared between KDE and OS X).

More information about this project is provided on the MathML Wiki page.

The WebKit Open Source Project – MathML.

Welcome WebKit and MathML.

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