Another Reason for Self-linking Post Title

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Lately in 2009, on Dani Iswara .Net, I have a post titled Self-linking Post Title. Is it useful to have a clickable link in post title? In that post, I only found 2 reasons why I think it is useful:

  • To copy the Uniform Resource Identifier/Locator (URI/URL) easily.
  • To refresh current post/page title (after submitting a blog comment), not comment submission.

The other reason, it is usable when users save a Web page. And read it later, offline. Permalink of the post is still there. In the post title. More easy to click.

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3 comments to "Another Reason for Self-linking Post Title"

  1. Cahya

    Saya kadang menggunakannya, kadang tidak, jadi antara dipasang dan tidak dipasang tidak terlalu berbeda jadinya.

  2. ardianzzz

    Saya sih memakainya. Lebih banyak keuntungannya. :D

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