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Accessible and Pleasing Visually Web Design

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Universal Web design should not boring with text only. Great accessibility and nice graphic-design interface are recommended. Serving visual experience is more attractive for common Web users & authors. Giving accessible touch to accomodate disability people means applying human rights correctly.

Accessites.org has a routine program to review Websites which have a pleasing visually design and great accessibility factors. See Accessites selection criteria. In bahasa Indonesia, please read Kriteria Penghargaan Desain Universal. They have 4 awards levels:

Notable Universal Design Award [!]
A site receiving this award level reached all of the minimum requirements outlined in our criteria above.
Quality Universal Design Award [*]
A site that reached this award level showed good attention to detail indicating that the developer obviously worked hard to get things right. We think that this is the type of web site that beginning developers should aim to emulate.
Classic Universal Design Award [**]
A site achieving this award level showed a thorough attention to detail. We believe this is a great web site on which the developer toiled diligently to get it just right. We can all learn something from this site.
Timeless Universal Design Award [***]
In one word – Wow! This is an outstanding site that shows an exemplary attention to detail with the developer going to incredible lengths to make it as perfect as can be. This is the type of web site that all developers should aspire to.

In 2006, Accessites gave the Classic Universal Design Award (their post category) to these Websites—which are still available now:

The first 3 Websites still have the same layout until this July 2010. Little Blue Plane site has also won GAWDS Web Accessibility Awards in 2008.

Don’t judge a Website by its cover!

5 tanggapan untuk “Accessible and Pleasing Visually Web Design”

Pak Aldy,
situs punya Universitas California, dulunya sempat masuk beberapa daftar terhormat selain di Accessites. Di Accessites, situs ini sempat diperbaiki setelah mendapat beberapa masukan. Coba lihat wajah situs ini dulu di tinjauannya Mike Cherim di Accessites, UC Berkeley – Spanish Dept. Dulu ada tinjauan lengkapnya. Entah di mana.

Yap, kalau yang ini wajahnya bagus, tapi sepertinya sudah perombakan bli, tampilan yang ada sekarang ini tidak sebagus yang ada di Accessites.

Tapi dari sisi lain ( selain tampilan; walaupun tidak mudah membuatnya ) harus saya acungi jempol.

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