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Looking through Web accessibility acceptancies, many Web designers may reject the universal design concepts. Too hard to do. Too many to cover. Even for novice users. Accessible status is technically too difficult to follow. Mindset problem, expert said.

Mike Paciello via UXmatters article posted by Whitney Quesenbery, Usable Accessibility: Making Web Sites Work Well for people with Disabilities, said this words.

…I wondered why accessibility sometimes has a bad reputation among designers. Mike’s answer to this question was, “Mindset. Accessibility isn’t the norm for software engineering, so it’s still seen as something extra or hard to do. Instead, we should think of it as a challenge to our own creativity.”

Most accessibility experts will say, it is a human rights. An equality in diversity. Remove the limitation. Not only for difable people. But nobody’s perfect. If you can’t do it well, it doesn’t mean you don’t care. You may have a chance to do something, even as a usual content writer, with no access or ability to Web design template.

Who am I? You should not believe in me. But please read some UXmatters posts below.

They have many accessibility topics combined with usability point of view. Open the mindset now. :)

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Bli, sepertinya topik ini menarik, cuma karena kemampuan bahasa inggris saya sangat-sangat kurang, saya hanya menunggu hasil diskusi teman-teman saja :oops:

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