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UniCORN Universal Checker by W3C

Diperbarui 13 April 2010 oleh Dani Iswara

World Wide Web Consortium or W3C will officially release a new tool soon. Created by Damien Leroy and Jean-Guilhem Rouel. With the help of their team. Built since April to September, 2006.

The name is Universal Conformance Observation Report Notation or UniCORN. Centralized modules. Will contains some validators and checkers. Merging all of it in one user interface. The universal validator or checker will be able to check multiple Web standards and recommendations.

It is better to have validators and conformance checkers in one place, right? We may validate (X)HTML, CSS, and checks broken links, accessibility, and/or other Web quality aspects by using single user interface. Easy to use. Increases their usability.

Try it, The Web’s Universal Conformance Checker. Or add this line into Web developer toolbar, in Tools menu:



That project will have a similar features like ATRC Accessibility Checker built by Ontario’s government team.

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yang Nibbler ya..itu kan just for fun, Pakdhe. Setelah sebelumnya ada Sitescore, Webagogo, Raven SEO, Basic Website Review, Sakui Web. Jangan terlalu diambil hati. Ngga baik buat kesehatan.

Kalau kesehatan terganggu khan tidak usah bergeser dari tempat duduk untuk check-up ? sama komplitnya dengan cita-cita UniCORN khan ?. :)
Linknya nanti dilihat Rayimas, makasih.

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