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Where should comment-reply-button jump?

Diperbarui 4 April 2010 oleh Dani Iswara

In WordPress threaded commenting system, clicking reply button will jump user into textarea. Then, just type the comment, right? No. If you:

  • have no name and e-mail written previously, or
  • must have to change the previous name and e-mail,

you have to go back to the input forms. It only happen if you have name and e-mail inputs placed at the top of textarea. In this case, they are not in a logical order. Not usable, I think.

Yes. The comment reply button might not the main objection. But, the position of input forms and its textarea are the problem.

What do you think?

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I thought I ever wrote about this…, but forget where I wrote it (not in your blog perhaps)…, hmm, let me say in simple.

Input forms is not just about giving (supposed to be a clear) IDs of the commenter(s) but also his/her role(s). IDs are about who you are, and role(s) refer(s) to what you come as.

Okay lets say there is two postings on a blog, one about law and order, and another one is about medicine. When a physician visit the blog and read both articles. On the first one he/she may be leave a reply as and ordinary person, but on the second article maybe as a a physician (profession).

One maybe use the same or different input(s) for personal and professional interests, but the role would be very different: personal vs. professional.

When input forms come in first place, it should be able let a commenter decide the role he/she would take about and give input and reply decisively according to the role.

So when there is an article “Medical Regulations Today” – as an example – a physician would speak as a physician’s point of view when he/she already decide to take that role before giving a reply.

Well, if the role state secondly after write a reply, there would be a chance of disambiguation – I’m a speak as common people or as physician on this “Medical Regulations Today”.

I would like to say, decide the role first and then take the action, not take action first and the don’t know what role to be taken.

It makes sense. Nice point, really.
But, if we just follow your rule, the cursor still jump into the textarea commonly. Not in the first input place.

If users decided to leave comments based on their professions, mention it in the first sentence of comment section clearly. Just like formal letter format. cmiiw

Hmm…, are we back to comment reply button?

I’m helpless when come to about how the edit a theme so they (the theme functions) would works as I please. But leave it as the origin would give me less tension headache :lol:

Just let it be … let it be…

ya, that button and input forms position. :) It should jump to the first input form, not the textarea, based on your illustration. Or change the logical order of input forms and textarea.

Saya lebih suka form input diletakkan di atas form komentar. Alasannya hanya lebih condong ke “kelaziman” saja.

Analoginya begini, di suatu seminar/presentasi, ketika seorang ingin menanyakan suatu hal kepada sang pembawa seminar, maka seyogyanya ia memperkenalkan diri dulu, menyebutkan nama, instansi apa, jurusannya apa (kalau masih kuliah), alamat (kalau ada), dll. Setelah itu baru ia mengemukakan pertanyaan, atau interupsinya.

Kalau mengenai “lompatan” cursor yang tidak sesuai, hal tsb bisa dibenahi saja di core core wordpressnya saja.

Maaf klo analoginya terasa lucu dan ga nyambung :)

untuk alasan usability/kebergunaan, memang benar. Saya setuju. Tapi, lihat juga, sistem komentar standar intensedebate dan disquss memakai kolom input di bawah, walau nampaknya bisa dikustomisasi.

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