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Accessibility Means

Diperbarui 3 April 2010 oleh Dani Iswara

Glenda Watson Hyatt has a finished writing project about accessibility means in only 25 words. The word accessibility could be something different in our mind, Glenda wrote. She invited users to leave their thoughts in her post.

Some quotes of them, in a short, accessibility means:

  • everyone can be involved,
  • a barrier free,
  • human rights,
  • equality,
  • universal design,
  • not disability specific,
  • opening pathways,
  • people, not people on wheelchairs,
  • access with no extra effort,
  • ubiquity,
  • inclusivity,

Check the compilation in her post, What Accessibility Means in 25 Words.

10 tanggapan untuk “Accessibility Means”

simple but to the point! btw, is it possible to add simplicity to the list? :)

Anis Fahrunisa,
yes it is. But her project is already done. As long as simplicity is not always plain black on white with no graphical arts. :)

haha…you’re right, boss! As short as i know (sorry for thieving your phrase! :) ), accesibility doesn’t have to be simple and ugly. But, it’s always challenging for me to build an accessible pleasing eyes design.

Thank’s for giving me a new horizon of design. :)

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