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Web Usability on My Unessential Weblog

Last updated on 17 April 2010 by Dani Iswara

This post may answer some of your questions. Or just explain my reason to do this and that. Some of them are recommended by common users. But the rest are my choice.

  1. What is it all about?

    Title and tagline or description sounds clear, I think. This is just my unnecessary note. Nothing important here. Find more on About page. You do not have to trust me either.

  2. Plain design

    I am not a web designer nor developer. Just a simple blogger. Bad Internet connection is my friend. Low bandwidth design, call it that way. Less images, simple user interfaces, minimalist layout. The layout is consistent on each page. Boring is my fellow. I do accept that.

  3. One column?

    Simple. No need a special treatment for the small screen. No matter what Web browsers do you use. Some old and non standard browsers should in replaced now.

  4. Text-based navigation

    I do not need a fancy menu and technology for a usable navigation. Redundant menu is placed. The navigation is still usable while CSS off. Sometimes, h1 is not always in the first position. Navigation menu is, especially the ‘skip to main content’.

  5. Contrast

    Firefox ColorChecker is my partner for the color. Dark text on pastel now recommended by WCAG 2.0. I knew contrast is not about color only. No multimedia content right now. Not yet. If any, background and foreground sounds or other multimedia format should be clear and easy to understand.

  6. E-mail subscribing?

    Feeds syndication on address bar is enough. Since this is only my unnecessary note, you do not have to follow me by e-mail. For the discussion inside the post, users have a choice to subscribe or not.

  7. Font of choice, paragraph, readability

    Easy to read, resizeable, left-aligned, 2-3 types of fonts, legible line-spacing, proper white space. Verdana and sans-serif fonts are my choice for the desktop. Tahoma for the small screen. Serif is great also in bigger size or as a special text.

  8. What page do you need?

    About blog and author, archive collection, and contact form. My e-mail should be available on every page or post. The disclaimer and simple accessibility statement will be added soon.

  9. Custom 404 is available

    At least, users have another choice. Where should they go to find the content. Do not leave users get lost in the way alone.

  10. What is the purpose of words count?

    Hi, this page contains amount of words. Short page. Sometimes they are long and expensive for your bandwidth. Do you still want to read it?

  11. Clear and descriptve anchor texts

    No hidden permalinks or hidden business to shoot users. Links will be easy to find, understand and use.

  12. Structural headings

    Users may find a logical hierarchy here. h1 is the title of each page and post. Followed by h2 and h3. That is enough.

  13. No pop-ups and open in new window

    Your back button is still safe. No hidden action without the warning. You may choose to open in new tab manually, depend on users choice.

Do not find the answer? Ask me! :)

5 tanggapan untuk “Web Usability on My Unessential Weblog”

Menurut saya desain yg sekarang jauh lebih baik dari yg sebelumnya. One column, sederhana (tdk terlalu kontras), ga neko2, pas utk disebut sbg blog personal.

ada tanda tanya besar di otak saya mengenai bebrapa hal dari segi layout:
1. Begitu saya membuka halaman (baik hal depan maupun post), saya langsung disodorkan dg kotak pencarian. Ada bbrp pertanyaan saat itu, apakah saya sedang dihadapkan pada halaman 404?, ataukah saya diwajibkan mencari sesuatu barangkali? Ataukah saya sedang mampir di halaman pencarian google?

2. Jumlah kata (Words count), pada tulisan di atas dikatakan berfungsi utk menginformasikan jumlah kata. Ya jumlah kata dalam halaman ini, tapi tidak jelas jumlah kata utk konten ataukah seluruh konten dijumlah dengan komentar2nya. Dan juga, jika saya pribadi membuka halaman ini, dan menemukan jumlah kata yg sangat banyak, maka mau tidak mau ya harus mau mbaca, karena udah nanggung dibuka :D

3. Tag line, "unnecessary note" justru tidak memberikan kegunaan apapun. Tidak deskriptif, seperti halnya atribut title pada suatu pranala yg hanya bertuliskan “ini adalah suatu pranala/link (titik, ga ada kelanjutannya). [jgn berkilah karena ini unessential weblog lho dok]

Hanya pendapat pribadi, maaf klo salah :)

BTW udah dibuka lg ya komentarnya. Apa pertimbangannya dok klo boleh tau? trus udah pindah hosting blm?

#1. Terkait fitur search box (entah sudah terindex Google atau belum), jawaban ngelesnya: itu sebagai alternatif navigasi.

#2. Untuk jumlah kata (Words count), tentu saja sebatas entri. Entah nanti jika menemukan redaksional baru.

#3. Yang tag line, “unnecessary note”, pokoknya gitu deh. Emang ngga penting kok. Nantinya mungkin akan ada banyak remeh-temeh di sini. Yang tidak tersalurkan di domain dot net.

Yang ini memang dot com. Jika ternyata banyak respon OOT, yang ini ditutup juga komentarnya, mungkin. :)
Masih di hosting yang sama, tapi beda server. Nanti kalo kapok beneran, baru pindah. Makasi Mas Adi atas perhatiannya.

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